In a Landscape Plagued by Drugs and Violence, Narconon Puebla is a Bright Ray of Hope

September 8, 2018 • Puebla, Mexico

Narconon Puebla opened its doors September 8, with a celebration of life and success. Contributing to the joy of the day was the determined team that brought this center into being, joined by dignitaries from across Puebla.

Narconon Puebla—Ribbon cutting

It is a common wish of people the world over to raise their families in the safety. But in Mexico, where entire regions are controlled by drug cartels, not only are violence, kidnapping and murder a common fact of life, skyrocketing drug addiction is shattering the country.

Now a new Narconon center offers a time-tested and proven drug-free rehab program to those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse.

The program began with a musical tribute by popular musician and former federal senator Francisco Xavier Berganza who donated the property for the center. Architect, Diego Corona Crémean, Puebla Chief of Infrastructure Operations, the driving force behind this new facility, welcomed the guests to the celebration.

Corona Crémean explained that in designing the new center he was able to see to the needs of the recovering addict and the community. He had once struggled with his own addiction and although he finally overcame it, he saw many others who did not escape from its grip. Seeking a way to help them recover, he learned about Narconon and its effectiveness and began planning this new facility.

Corona Crémean introduced Zuveldia Lizarraga, executive director of Narconon Latin America. She explained how her 13 years of experience rehabilitating the addicted have taught her the extent of the problem and the workability of the Narconon program.

Carlos Martínez Amador, president of the Board of Government and Coordination for the Puebla Legislature, acknowledged how successful this program has been in helping graduates from around the world maintain drug-free lives. He announced his commitment to seeing many more new Narconon centers open their doors.

Retired Olympic gymnast Brenda Magaña, silver medalist in the Pan Amercan Games, spoke of the social problems created by drugs and how vital it is to offer a real solution. She thanked Narconon for bringing this solution to Puebla.

María del Rosario Espinoza, who represented Mexico three times in the Olympics and won the gold medal in Taekwondo, expressed her personal dedication to building a better Mexico using her success as an athlete as her platform. She sees Narconon as key to helping thousands break free of their dependence on drugs.

Jose Antonio Martinez Garcia, Undersecretary of Health for the State of Puebla, explained how the need for drug rehabilitation has soared, with a 400 percent rise in drug use in the state.

Jaime Oropeza, Secretary of Labor and Economic Development for Puebla, said the new Narconon center will help create a safe environment and provide jobs for people living around Huachinango.

Ribbon cutting—audience erupting in cheers
As the ribbon fell, the audience erupted in cheers, reflecting their wholehearted support for the new Narconon.
Narconon Puebla Grand Opening—Attendees
Attendees glowed with inspiration as they celebrated a new center as fresh hope for the community.

“When a person is addicted, it does not just affect him, it affects us all,” said Xavier Berganza after the ceremony. “Even though I donated the land for this center, it was only today that I realized how much impact that action is going to have in society. I could not think of a better use for this land than this Narconon Center.”

“I understand the program and I can see how different it is and why it works,” said an admiral in the Mexican Naval Infantry Force. “I am very impressed with the property, with the staff. We need more Narconon centers in Mexico.”

“The most memorable thing for me was finding this place and becoming aware of other people who care for other human beings,” said a local doctor. “The community will benefit from this, starting by becoming aware of a solution to cure addiction that does not involve drugs.”

“I feel this Narconon Center will help me personally because it will reduce the danger that drugs represent in the environment,” said a local entrepreneur. “The most memorable thing about this event is the fact that we have a Narconon Center in this area that will have an impact on society.”

An Ideal Setting for Recovery

Narconon Puebla sits on a rustic 14-acre estate, far from the danger and noise of the cities.

Thirty people may be accommodated in its new cabanas at a single time. Each cabana has a bedroom, living room, private bathroom and patio.

The administrative building houses new classrooms, where students will learn life skills, the kitchen, dining room, a ping pong table, gym and a lounge students may use when done with their program for the day. Outside is a pool and surrounding patio for enjoying a swim or a quiet moment of reflection.

The facility is just a few miles north of Huachinango, some two hours from Mexico City and 90 minutes from Veracruz. From the garden, students and visiting family members may enjoy the beauty of the lake created by Necaxa Dam and the serene natural environment. Narconon Puebla is the perfect place to heal from the trauma of the past and learn to create a positive future.

The picturesque Narconon Puebla
The picturesque Narconon Puebla stands ready to help the people of the state overcome drug and alcohol addiction—for good.

The Drug-Free Narconon Program

For more than 50 years in dozens of countries around the world, the Narconon program has provided drug-free drug rehabilitation to some 40,000.

The Narconon program begins with a drug-free, nonmedical withdrawal process designed to assist the individual in shedding dependence on drugs as rapidly and comfortably as possible. It is followed by a unique method of detoxification, specifically geared to help drug users eliminate the residues of drugs and toxins in the body that drive cravings. The final component of the program is a series of life skills courses that furnish students the tools needed to remain drug-free.

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